Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I appreciate it!

People come and go. Met a lot of them and having them in my life is indeed a blessing. I would like to thank them for being part of my life, people who somehow contributed for what I am right now.
I would like to share some of their simple notes and messages which means a lot to me. Here are some of them:
Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate and Love Vardy
  1. I hate it when guys look at Jonar instead of me but I am happy because his marketable and attractive to his same sex
  2. I hate it when his very maharot that up to the point I can sometimes brake a bone but I love him because we fight and play like real brothers and sisters
  3. I am happy whenever he gains weight because I feel like his self esteem goes down but I get upset because he can injured someone especially if he wears a shirt with buttons on it
  4. I love it when he shouts DARNA while on the street because it makes me feel I am not the only person who doesn't have ethics
  5. I hate it when we debate on certain issue but I am very blessed to have someone who would be there for me especially tough times
  6. I hate him sometimes because he becomes a monster especially when he wakes up from a short sleep but for me his the best chef in the world with a specialty of adobo
  7. I hate him whenever he looks good with his outfit but I am happy because he can now take care of himself after the challenges he had gone thru in life
  8. I hate him whenever he makes buking to me at certain things but I am thankful because he introduced Julius watch to me. Good thing I didn't but it
  9. I love it whenever we have Starbucks together because its nice to gain calories together with a dear friend
  10. And most of all I get very sad whenever he misses Nanay and Ate because I can't really do anything. I hate that it breaks my heart I feel useless in that sense as a friend but what I can promise to Tatay and Nanay is that hindi ko papabayaan and bunso nila. Because Jonar is no longer a friend but his already a family.

For Jhonar
You are a beautiful person. A living person at that. You are made of everything that moves, grows, and hurts. From the time that you were born, God gave you a built-in support system where you can trust and knock your head over when things go wrong. Your heart is the most inevitable reason why you are alive and so is your mind. The life that you have right now supports the kind of sanity you own. Should you choose to mingle and dwell in the darkest places, no one will be responsible in getting you out of the hellhole you've gone to but you. Build your world as if rainbows and sunshine are everyday happenstance. If you cry, allow yourself even for a little while. Grievance is a way of respecting your feelings' worth when it goes to downtime. Friends are pillars of experience, influence and character building. But know that friends shape what you only allow them. Fake people hunger for the truth you represent. They steal the sunshine and happiness that you have built for so many years in your life. But vengeance is not the answer. Believe in the power of prayer. Your faith will save the broken piece that you need to mend in every person who intend to break your soul, your spirit. Your enemies will get their just desserts in time, in its well-deserved comeuppance. You live because you deserve to be here. So is the rest of the people that you learned to hate. Like you, they have a room in this world, not as a useless space in the universe but they are here to serve the same purpose as you unintentionally have not realize - to make a difference.
Learn to make happiness last a whole day, a whole year and a whole lifetime. Let sadness last in passing, it is the reason why sky can be gray. Learn to accept what is not yours for they are mend to lift you up for once and shows a glimmer of hope for the greater things to come. Love is what we sometimes forget to give to the most deserving and deprive them of this feeling. Rather, we share them to the person we choose, chose and accidentally stumble on through life. If we learn to love what is hard, then love is so easy to share. I believe that you have so much love to give and paying it forward should start soon.

hmm i wonder where's jhonar ryt now??damn... geemiss you po...old pal...loyal friend,ur lyk diamond,hard to findbut very preciousthe only difference is that----YOU'RE PRICELESS....NAKS!

-jhonar, even though we don't go out that often or talk that often i know that I have a friend in him. You can go to him if you have problems, he won't hesitate to give you a helping hand and keep you company during your bad days. I really appreciate all the things you've done for me. I know I owe you a lot... thanks for being there for me.... love yah!! mwah!!!
-jhonar is very funny and a true friend, when you're with him there's no dull moment. Sobrang sarap kasama at kausap. Totoong tao talaga. we're always here for you.

This man soooo cooolll!!! can't wait for our next drinking session.. we've known each other for like months now bbut i could really tell that he's cool, down to earth and a person full of sense... you could get a lot from here... base ot to life's experience... every piece of advice would be worth it! :)till' our next chill out friend ;)

Jhonar Soto... haaay... may ever so loyal drinkin buddy... my life saviour... my hearthrob chever... hahaha!!! well, ive met jhonar some months back... and i can say, he's really a real person... he's so fun to be with... sobrang stress reliever talaga... he's a friend that you can really depend on... he's always there when you need him... he was something... a very special person indeed... he goes like pangit ba ako? and a million times, jhonar... HINDI!!! you are so not ugly... well, i know ugly when i see one... oops... bitchy mode! haha! just kidding! anyways, you are such a good person... not only to your family... not only to us... but to everybody... and we really love you for that... haaaay! now that youre getting older, hope ud be happier in life... just enjoy life!!! thats what we are here for... for mere enjoyment and fine... success! hahaha!!! i wish you all the best in life, jhonar!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHEVER BOY!!! i miss you lotsa... lovelotz too!!!mwaaaaaaaaah!

ei dude! chever na frend ko! hehe! ive met him at the cafe! i lov this guy sobrang open to anythin thou we are not yet close before, sobrang cool to be with and also so H....! hhahaha! hearthrob kasi eh! =p well napaka resposible na son and i know ur mom should be proud of u. indyanero lng naman sha minsan pero tolerable pa naman hehe! basta u take care ayt! hope 2 cyah soon! lets go gmk naman! *mwah*

feeling ko favorite color nya green.. kase wala na siyang ginawa kung hindi mag-joke at mag-isip ng green jokes.. when he first got into our team akala mo kung sinong matimtimang tao, pero nung tumagal, ay ewan, he's too outspoken.. rakes in big sales ( kaso ang close rate --peace! ) wala na siyang ginawa kung hindi asarin ako at manyakin ako, ewan ko ba, may crush yata saken.. =P actually mabait naman siya(uto-uto lang kay tc) loves to tease people on the floor which i guess is his way of reaching out to people dahil hindi niya kaya, maging sentimental..he's always on the go for adventures, has lots of secrets under his smiles, too blunt, too happy, freaks me out with his definitions of things, loves gimiks ( kahit umaga ) a person you could find anywhere.. mahilig manlaglag (kaya niya) but most of all, knows how to value people and friends, love ako nito, hindi lang dahil were singing buddies, kase, ewan ko, that's jhonar with people.. no faking fronts.. gives you the real thing!

jhonar... i dunno if he knows this, but i truly value our friendship way back in high school!? he's super neat... and very talented i should say... i remember it clearly during our high school days, he was so active at their church singing and at the same time performing good at school...that was really long ago....and we eventually bumped into each other in ortigas, was so surprised!!! but he's still the same jhonar i knew.... smilling face... hyper... and friendly... wish you happiness, really! god bless dude!

C Jhonar? Sya ung bestfriend ko na talagang naging bestfriend s'kin! Sobrang saya kasama nitong tao ito! Although madalas e nag-aaway kami nung mga musmos pa kami, love ko parin 'tong si Jhonar! Actually nung High School kami di ko pinapansin yan e. Ang yabang kasi! Pero nung last kaming nagkita, i dunno pero nawala lahat nung sama ng loob ko sa kanya. Sayang nasira fone nya kaya di na kami ulit nagkakausap! Ha ha. Sori mali ung unang testi ko. Dapat pala sa messages ko nailagay yun. Ha ha! Anyways, kung may problema ka man, I'm just a text away

C Jhonar?hhhmmm,God-fearing(?),mabait and a very responsible person.magaling din kumanta.i can stil remember ung song na kinanta nya nung sumali sya sa singing contest sa skul.but in a weird way,the only word i remember sa kinanta nya is "nota".i can say na very studious sya,kc mas mcpag p syang mag-aral kesa sa akin.all in all he's a great and nice guy.

isang tunay na kaibigan. hindi siya mahirap maintindihan. jhonar is indeed a person of sense and worth. if you come across his way, it wouldn't hurt to say hi, non-assuming, intellectual---killer smile. you'll never see him frowning. if your day seems hard to bear, this guy will make your travel a lot easier. yan si pareng jhonar. :)

my cousin Jho, hmmmmmm where to begin...first of all ladies he wasn't joking about his cooking talents, really love his cooking, Jho loves to sing and I love hearing him sing, makes me laugh more than I can handle, very intellligent, caring, you can talk to him practically about anything: from serious life threating things up to things that would literally make your face red....I am still hoping that someday I would see him walk the streets where I had the craziest moments of my life here in Amsterdam, I know he would love it........Ik mis je......kusjes Mich

ei pre!!!mustasa k n?? cn i 4get dis guy eh isa yt cy s mga highlight nung debut ko...kumanta cy ng just once,ganda ky lng pgdting dun sa.."just once cn we find a way to finally mke it right ekhekek!!!...pumiyok!!!!...grabe palakpakan nun!!!...niweys yn c jhonar isa s pinakaneat n klasmyt ko wybck in high school...seryoso mag-aral(sus bola!)...crush nyn c ano eh...sbhin ko b h?...wak n!!!bk mglit ka...basta galing yn kanta...bait pa!!!...ingatz lgi...tek ker and god bless!! =)

Jh O n A r--- hmmm,,, he's one of my best buddy in COMIT... :D this person is close to my heart... ewan ko lang kung ganun ako sa kanya!--hehehe,,, well, he's ON the GO! kahit saan kahit kelan maaasahan! :D H A R D W O R K I N G 'to, m A s I p A g, M a T i Y a G a, kamukha ni MARVIN AGUSTIN (???) na pinaitim ('un totoo)--hehehe,, cREAtive 'to kaparehas ko,,ok maging f R I e n D! basta if i were you, kaibiganin nyo 'to! miss ko na 'to sobra, kahit na ako lang ang tumatawag sa kanya... hehehe,,, miss you and God bless! naks, una ako sa nag testi sau ahh... :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


At last! The long wait is over. I would like to dedicate my first entry to my dearest friend Leigh who convinced me to start blogging. It took me awhile really. Its been more than a year when she tried to persuade me. We had lots of valuable long talks and every single moment we have shared together is worth keeping. You will definitely get a lot from her. Every single minute, second, and even millisecond that I had with her were well spent. I MISSED HER SO BADLY....

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest thanks to Leigh for being such a true friend. Being her HUMAN CRUTCH (literally) was my own little way of showing her how much I cared for her. I SO LOVE LEIGH......

I have been thinking of setting this blog. Considered it a lot of times. But wanting something and without doing anything is just a waste time. I have been a blog follower to some of my friends and it always fascinates me every time I will get a piece of their cake. I think I have a fair share of life's experiences that might be inspirational to others.

To all of my friends and my soon to be followers, join me as I unfold my life's piece happiness, frustrations and values.